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Bioline Deodorizing Spray for Cat 175ml

Bioline Deodorizing Spray for Cat 175ml


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1.Eliminate Unpleasant Smells
2.Specifically deodorizing spray for cats
3.This ideal and environment friendly product for cat toilets, bathrooms, living room etc.
4.Natural Extracts
5.Non toxic natural cleaner
6.Spray directly at the pet’s body and surrounding environment, can spray on cat toilets and cages

Product Detail:

Superior formula reliably removes odour-causing bacteria. A meticulously designed spray nozzle ensures a good spread of the deodorizer. It is infused with active agents that neutralize unpleasant smells. Bad smells caused by your pets’ body odour or the environment can be eliminated in seconds, leaving a pleasant and lasting fragrance. This ideal and environment-friendly product is for cat toilets, bathrooms, living rooms etc. Thanks to its active agents, the deodorizing spray eliminates all unpleasant smells. Size Packaging 175ml FROM SAME CATEGORY Bioline Aloe vera shampoo Bioline Aloe vera shampoo BHD6.05 Bioline Aloe vera Pet Soap Bioline Aloe vera Pet Soap BHD2.16 Bioline Cat shampoo Bioline Cat shampoo BHD6.05 Bioline Deodorizing spray for Dog Bioline Deodorizing spray for Dog BHD3.86 Bioline Dry Clean Powder Bioline Dry Clean Powder BHD2.54 Bioline Ear Care drops Bioline Ear Care drops BHD4.73 Bioline Ear Mite Oil Bioline Ear Mite Oil BHD5.83 Bioline Eye care Drop Bioline Eye care Drop BHD2.76 Bioline Finger Brush Set Bioline Finger Brush Set BHD2.09 Bioline High Absorbent Towel Bioline High Absorbent Towel BHD6.05 Bioline Mink oil shampoo Bioline Mink oil shampoo BHD6.05 Bioline Nails powder Bioline Nails powder BHD4.95


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