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Bioline Long Hair Shampoo 250ml

Bioline Long Hair Shampoo 250ml

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Bioline Longhair Cat Shampoo 250ml Bioline Longhair Cat Shampoo is a mild pet shampoo. Long hair shampoo can be used for both cats and kittens.

Neutralizes pet coat odours and maintains pH balance. Best for Soothes irritated skin. Safe for cats with sensitive skin and itchy skin. Violin Neutral Pet Shampoo provides a prime coat and skin treatment. Safe to use for regular pet bathing for cats and kittens. It works to reduce hair loss. It Promotes the health of your pet’s skin and coat. Directions: Use the shampoo sparingly, depending on the size of your cat. Apply shampoo to wet hair, rub it all over and rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat as necessary. After washing the fur, it is essential to pet the animal dry and protect it well from the wind.


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