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Milk Licking Block

Milk Licking Block


Trace elements & Lactose

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MILK Block is a complete diet rich in minerals and lactose that lowers ruminal pH and stabilizes the intestinal microflora. Continued use of this product meets the nutritional needs of livestock and contributes to animal bone health. It also helps milk production, fattening animal growth, and overall health.

Suitable for cows, goats, calves, sheep, and ramps.


Calcium Carbonate
Phosphorus (DCP)
E1 Iron (sulfate)
E6 Zinc (oxide)
E5 Manganese (oxide)
Magnesium (oxide)
Copper (oxide)
E2 Iodine (IK)
E8 Selenium (SeNa)
Sodium (chloride)Lactose
10.000 mg
6.000 mg
3.000 mg
5.000 mg
1.000 mg
1.000 mg
500 mg
120 mg
25 mg
30,00 %++++


20kg (including 2 pieces of 10kg each)
20kg (including 4 pieces of 5kg each)


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