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Molasses Licking Block

Molasses Licking Block


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Melasseblock is a mineral-rich supplementary feed containing molasses. The useful components of this block increase the energy of the dairy cow’s diet and strengthen the immune system.

Suitable for cows, goats, calves, sheep and lamps.


Enable animals to lick it next to managers and waterers or hang it through its middle hole at a distance that animals can reach comfortably. We leave the product for at-will consumption from the animals.

Composition-Per 10 kg

Iron (sulphate)
Zinc (oxide)
Manganese (oxide)
Magnesium (oxide)
Copper (oxide)
Cobalt (sulphate)
Iodine (IK)
Selenium (SeNa)
Sodium (chloride)Molasses
3.000 mg
1.500 mg
1.000 mg
1.000 mg
500 mg
120 mg
120 mg
25 mg
35,00 %



20kg (including 2 pieces of 10kg each)
20kg (including 4 pieces of 5kg each)


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