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Royal Canin Urinary S/O Morsels In Gravy 85 gm

Royal Canin Urinary S/O Morsels In Gravy 85 gm


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Product Description:

If your cat has urinary problems, it will need special care to help alleviate its symptoms. But with the help of veterinarians and Royal Canin, you can make a real difference, not just hope. They are designed to provide nutritional support. Increase your cat’s urine volume to dilute excess minerals that cause crystals and stones.

Moderate calorie content (14% less than Royal Canin Urinary SO Morsels wet cat food) helps maintain a healthy weight. A relative supersaturation (RSS) method is used to reduce the concentration of urinary ions that contribute to stone formation. This formula promotes an unfavourable urinary environment for constructing both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. Some cats may have recurrent lower urinary tract problems. Talk to your veterinarian about feeding your cat this urinary tract food for long-term urinary support. And ask them about the right Royal Canin dry cat food and treats to complement your cat’s diet.

Complete Diet for Adult Cats LOW RSS: Helps reduce the concentration of ions that contribute to crystal formation. Idiopathic cystitis: High water levels reduce the risk of recurrent idiopathic cystitis.


Helps prevent stones: A special cat food for adult cats dissolves pure struvite stones and prevents calcium oxalate stones.

S/O INDEX: Exclusive S/O Index creates an environment unfavourable to crystal formation within the bladder to support urinary tract health



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