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ZOO MARI Bentonite Cat Litter Sand – Coffee 10L

ZOO MARI Bentonite Cat Litter Sand – Coffee 10L

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★ ZOO MARI Cat litter Coffee flavor 10ltr super care non-toxic cat sand bentonite clay cat litter sand.

QUICK CLUMPING & EASY SCOOPING Cat Litter is made with purely entire commonplace Minerals.

99 % DUST FREE & FLUSHABLE – SEPTIC SAFE simply neat, dependable, and excellent high quality.

★ HIGHLY ABSORBENT AND successfully reduces Horrible Odour.

LITTLE GRANULES don’t Stick in order to your cat’s Paws instead coat.

NATURALLY SCENTED — A  naturally scented cat litter made with no fake scents or fake perfumes.

OUTSTANDING ODOR temperance — More cats shouldn’t mean more smells keep your cats glad for a commonplace litter with long-lasting odor temperance.

TEN LITTER roughly similar to 8Kg.

                   HOW TO USE ZOO-MARI CAT LITTER

  • How To Use Fresh-Scented Bentonite Cat Litter Granules(Coffee)
  • 1. It is very easy to use the ZOO MARI Fresh Scented Bentonite Cat Litter Granules
  • 2. Fill the clean litter tray with approximately ZOO MARI Fresh Scented Bentonite Cat Litter up to 8-10 cm
  • 3. Scoop off clumps and refill the litter tray on a daily basis i.e. clumps to keep up the freshness
  • 4. Completely replace all of the litter in the litter tray at least once per week.
  • 5. Dispose of used litter in the trash. DO NOT FLUSH


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