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NEW – TLC-50 Advance Series II Intensive Care Unit / Bird Brooder

NEW – TLC-50 Advance Series II Intensive Care Unit / Bird Brooder


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Oxygen usage: If you require an oxygen-compatible ICU, please visit our specialist Ontario website. The elevated oxygen levels, which can benefit patients’ therapy, also introduce the hazard of much easier combustion. The higher oxygen levels in an intensive care unit can lead to fire much more readily than in standard atmospheres. The Ontario T40M and T50M have been designed to control these risks. For additional reassurance, BSI has independently tested them for product safety to the Animal and Medical Incubator standards. These models conform to the oxygen fire safety clauses of the current EN 60601-1:2006 + corrigenda 2006 & 2007 standard.

The TLC Advance Series II is a versatile, small animal intensive care unit/poultry brooder that provides the warmth and insulation necessary for the intensive care of various young, sick, injured, and debilitated animals and birds. With a usable volume of 100 liters, it can accommodate rabbits, hedgehogs, kittens, or small puppiesBrinsea TLC, intensive care units are used by wildlife rescue centers, conservation projects, breeders, and private rehabs worldwide.

Control System: Featuring accurate and calibrated digital temperature control, the TLC-50 Advance Series II provides accurate and precise temperature control that can be adjusted at the touch of a button. The digital control system includes dual adjustable alarms that display temperature in °C or °F and warn of temperature changes inside and outside the cabinet outside user-set thresholds. Temperature can be set from room temperature to 38°C by simply changing the temperature in 0.1°C increments using the digital control. A digital controller protects against accidental temperature changes.

Airflow: The airflow of the TLC-50 Advance Series II is carefully optimized to ensure even heat distribution so that all animals are at the same temperature, but the fans maintain a moderate positive pressure airflow rate to keep out lint, lint, and dust. Air. Advanced models are equipped with adjustable fan speeds, especially for stress-sensitive animals. The two-stage air filter removes harmful bacteria and mold spores from the brooder compartment. An internal fan gently circulates the air to minimize dust entering the atmosphere.

Humidity: Warm air can result in dehydration, so the TLC-50 Advance has a water reservoir over which air is circulated to increase the moisture within the chamber. The water reservoir is filled from outside the unit and is clear, allowing the user to monitor the water level. The Series II models can reach higher humidity levels, and an adjustable vent is fitted to the door, which may be opened or closed to provide further control of humidity and fresh air flow. The Advance model also features a digital humidity display to enable the user to monitor humidity more effectively.

This model features a nebulizer solution holder, which allows the medication to be conveniently administered to the patient when connected to your nebulizer pump. Patient monitoring is aided by a switchable interior light that safely illuminates the interior of the chamber.

Clean. Because hygiene is a priority, the TLC-50 Advance Series II has been carefully designed to make cleaning as easy as possible. The soft, easy-to-clean interior has no fragile edges for animals to chew on. It can be easily opened for easy and efficient cleaning.


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