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TLC-30 Advance Intensive Care Unit / Brooder / Incubator

TLC-30 Advance Intensive Care Unit / Brooder / Incubator


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If you need an oxygen-compatible ICU, please visit the dedicated Vetario website. Elevated oxygen levels, which can be of great help in patient care, also make fire hazards much easier. This means that high oxygen levels in intensive care units can start a fire much faster than normal atmosphere. The Vetario T40M and T50M are designed to control these risks and have been independently tested by BSI for product safety to animal and medical hatchery standards for added assurance. The Vetario T40M and T50M models comply with the oxygen fire safety provisions of the current standard EN 60601-1:2006 + 2006 and 2007 amendments.

Multipurpose small animal intensive care unit providing the warmth and isolation needed for intensive care of young animals, sick, injured, and debilitated various animals and birds. With an internal floor area of approximately 24 cm2, the TLC-30 Advance is designed for the rescue and recovery of small mammals or birds or intensive care for calves. The device is equally suitable for wildlife rescues or pet keepers, where portability and ease of cleaning are key benefits.

Are you looking for a parrot breeder? Please look at our humidity units: TLC-40 Eco, TLC-40 Advance, TLC-50 Eco, and TLC-50 Advance. The

TLC-30 Advance is portable. They are stackable with built-in carrying handles. For safety reasons, the device operates on a 12V network. It can be powered from the mains using an adapter (included in the kit) or a car cigarette lighter (adapter purchased separately, item: 15.45). The

clear door is made of durable, UV-resistant polycarbonate and can be closed and locked with one hand.

The Digital control system on the TLC-30 Advance shows the temperature on a digital display in either °C or °F. It includes dual adjustable alarms to warn of temperature variations inside and outside the cabinet beyond user-set thresholds. Alter the temperature in 0.1°C increments using digital controls to adjust between room temperature and 38°C. The digital controller guards against accidental temperature adjustment. Temperature stability is maintained by a small fan that runs at a low speed to minimize noise and disturbance. The adjustable vent allows ample Ventilation in warm rooms or at low set temperatures, which is important for larger animals.

 You can also stack units. The leg of one unit is inserted into the socket in the unit cabinet underneath. Cleaning the

TLC-30 is easy. The hinged door lifts, and the cabinet and front panel slide out easily without using tools, allowing the cabinet to be emptied for deep cleaning. The

Adjustable Ventilation provides ample Ventilation in warm rooms or low set temperatures, which is important for large animals.

Protection with Biomaster Antimicrobial Additive – Brinsea includes Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection in the TLC-30 cabinet during production to reduce the risk of infection.


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